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Artist Bio: 

In 2011, Indi Martin became a founding member of Tortoise & Hare Creations, into which she could pour her creative heartblood and - through alchemical equations and dark, rum-based magic - produce stunning projects. Indi is best known for penning the Gina Harwood novels, a series often described as X-Files meets Call of Cthulhu, as well as Dissolution: A Graphic Novel, a mature-content, experimental graphic serial. Indi has supplied paintings for multiple roleplaying supplements, including the Veranthea CodexMists of Akuma, and Hypercorps 2099: Wasteland, as well as several video games including The Dark Unknown and Sylph: Project Miyaji. She also has completed several pieces for bands including Baron von Swagger, Sovereign Dame, and most recently the vinyl cover for RECAP's Pronoia.  Additionally, she offers her original and fan art prints as well as commissions online and at conventions. Check out her online gallery at

Want a commission? Email me at! My rates & current waitlist are below.  

Base Rates: 

  • Traditional Pieces 

    • Very Large Traditional (above 11x15 watercolor or 11x17 ink) - Email for price discussion:
    • Large Traditional b/w or color (up to 11x15 (wc) or 11x17 (ink) - watercolor, ink &/or marker original piece - non-digital) - $375.00 base (~1 week) Examples: Hearth of Britannia - Watercolor by indigowarrior   Commission: Medusa on Vacation (Watercolor) by indigowarrior  Prophecy Fulfilled - Watercolor by indigowarrior Skeksis - ink on bristol by indigowarrior 
    • Medium Traditional (up to 8x10) - watercolor, ink &/or marker original piece - non-digital - $180.00 base (~2-4 days) Examples: SuckerPunch - Babydoll (Watercolor Commission) by indigowarrior  Watercolor Character Commission - Phydra by indigowarrior 
    • Small Traditional (up to 4x6) watercolor, ink &/or marker original piece - non-digital - $70.00 base (~1-3 days) Examples:  Sugar Skull #2 by indigowarrior  Sugar Skull #1 by indigowarrior  Spring Flowers in West Virginia - Watercolor by indigowarrior  Windows: Watercolor and Ink Series by indigowarrior 

  • Digital Pieces
    • COVER: Full color detailed piece w/full background - Cover art - digital - starting in greyscale for maximum detail) - $470.00 (~1 week) - Examples:   Recap - Pronoia - Full Vinyl Cover by indigowarrior  Recap - Pronoia - DARK (Interior Piece) by indigowarrior  Braxthar Grimdrahk by indigowarrior 
    • FULL PAGE: Full color or b/w detailed piece w/full background - lineart & coloring, non-greyscale (up to 11x17 - digital) - (Color: $275.00, B/W: 225.00) (~3-5 days) - Examples Hypercorps 2099 Wasteland - Ghoul Pinup by indigowarrior  Hypercorps 2099 Wasteland - Merlin the Technomage by indigowarrior Xena, Warrior Princess by indigowarrior Skeksis in the Crystal Chamber by indigowarrior
    • HALF PAGE: Full color or b/w - lineart & coloring, non-greyscale (up to 5x7 - digital) - (Color: $150.00, B/W: $120.00) (~2-3 days) Examples:   Mists of Akuma: Equipment by indigowarrior  Commission - Fantasy Portrait + Timelapse Video by indigowarrior  Book of Passion - Gunslinger by indigowarrior  Dark Unknown Bestiary - Giant Spider by indigowarrior  Xenix - Weeping Seven by indigowarrior
    • QUARTER PAGE: Floating character, no background (up to 5x7 - digital) - (Color: $90.00, B/W: $75.00) (~2-3 days) Examples:  Hypercorps 2099 Wasteland - Slaarsh Raider by indigowarrior  ENWorld - Flintlock Pirate by indigowarrior

  • Timelapse Option
    •  *NEW!!* Get a timelapse video of your digital piece being created from start-to-finish (great for marketing your project, or just a cool digital keepsake) starting at $99. Ask for details! Ex:  Commission - Fantasy Portrait + Timelapse Video by indigowarrior   Dinsoo - Digital Painting Timelapse Video by indigowarrior

  • Comic Rates:

    • Full pages (start to finish) 
      • Black/White: $120pp 
      • Color: $180pp
    • Portion work:
      • Pencils (per page) - $80
      • Inks (per page) - $60
      • Flats (per page) - $30
      • Coloring (per page) - $90
      • Lettering (per page) - $20
Notes: Larger pieces (above 11x15 for traditional) are negotiable. *****IMPORTANT: Additional character/detail charges may apply to all rates, which will be negotiated up front with a guaranteed price quote. These are base prices only.***** Price does not include shipping of original non-digital pieces. Contact me at to discuss individual commission pricing. Timeline estimations assume timely response for staged feedback. ;)

Large projects with multiple pieces will receive a break in costs. Returning clients receive an automatic 10% discount.

For all commissions: Unless negotiated otherwise: You receive a lifetime, royalty-free license to the commissioned art. Rights reserved by artist to share all created art for self-promotion, including but not limited to Deviant Art, Patreon, social media, etc. Your art remains exclusive to you for 6 months, after which I may license the art to other projects (usually, but not always, as stock art). 

**50% deposit required to be added to the list (for new clients only).***

COMMISSION SCHEDULE (as of 1/13/17):

#1 - IMI (7 pieces)
#2 - IF(extended project) 
#3 - SotA #2 layouts
#4 - CLOSED - Commissions closed until February.
#5 - CLOSED - Commissions closed until February.

If you have a rush project you need completed before the ETA given on the waitlist, message me and I'll see what I can do!